Q: What are the system requirements to use accusatoryinstrument.com?

A: An internet connection and a modern web browser are required to use accusatoryinstrument.com. In order to properly view and use this website, we recommend a screen resolution of 1024x768 or higher. We also officially support the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox (PC, Mac, Linux), Internet Explorer 6 or later (PC), and Safari (Mac) . You must have JavaScript enabled in your web browser.

Q: How do I know that accusatoryinstrument.com is secure?

A: iSafe Technologies, Inc. specializes in ensuring secure data transmissions over the Internet. accusatoryinstrument.com secures all data transfers with 128-bit encryption, ensuring information is kept private and confidential while in transit between our web server and your web browser. You may click on the padlock icon in the lower right corner of the screen to view our Secure Site Certificate.

Q: Does my department need to assign someone to seal records on accusatoryinstrument.com?

A: No. iSafe Technologies designed the system with this in mind. If a user saves an accusatory, it will only be saved for 30 days and will then purged from our database. The defendant information, civilian information and "To Wit" sections are also encrypted before being stored in our database. Additionally, this information is not included in any backups, which prevents it from being stored on any backup systems or other storage media.

Q: What happens when laws are added or changed?

A: iSafe Technologies takes care of updating the law. We are constantly monitoring for any additions, changes or deletions to the law.

Q: Are Attempt and Hate Crimes supported?

A: Yes. This is one of our newest updates. After you select your charge and choose to build your accusatory, you will be prompted with a check box for "Attempt" and/or "Hate Crime". The Hate Crime check box will only be available if the offense chosen is a specified hate crime offense. Additionally, the software will change the accusatory to or from a "Violation Information", "Misdemeanor Information" or "Felony Complaint", depending on what is selected.

Q: How do I change details about my department or add/remove cities, towns, villages or courts?

A: Each department will have to designate at least one administrator. The administrator can change department details, add/remove users, add/remove cities, towns, villages or courts as necessary.

Q: Why does the date, page number or the accusatoryinstrument.com web address show up on my printed form?

A: Your web browser is set by default to print headers and footers. Click here for instructions on how to change those settings.

Q: Why does my printed form run over to a second page?

A: Most accusatory forms should print on a single page unless the law section or "To Wit" section is very lengthy. You can set your margins closer to the edge of page by following these directions.

Q: I changed my printer's margins and removed the header and footer. Do I have to do this each time I print an accusatory instrument?

A: No. You only need to make the changes once. If another users changes them or your web browser settings are reset back to default, you will have to change them again. Note: If your workstations are setup with multiple Windows user accounts, the web browser settings will need to be changed for each user.

Q: How do I change my login name or password?

A: Click on the Profile link in the upper right corner. Users can change their own login name, password and email address.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Each department will have at least one Admin User that can reset your account information for you.

Q: What if my department hires a new employee?

A: Each department will have at least one Admin User that can add or remove users from the system.

Q: Can I put multiple charges on one accusatory instrument?

A: Multiple charges have been discussed by our software development team and may be included in a future release. You do have the ability to duplicate an existing accusatory and make the necessary law change.

Q: How do I make changes or corrections to an accusatory?

A: Every accusatory that is "Finalized" is saved for 7 days. Simply click on the "History" link and select the form you would like to edit or duplicate.

Q: What if I have multiple charges or defendants?

A: A saved accusatory can be edited or duplicated by accessing your "History". You can duplicate an accusatory and change any of the information on it.

Q: If I notice a problem with the system, who do I report it to?

A: iSafe Technologies appreciates notification of any errors encountered while using the system. Please click here to submit any problems.

Q: I have a good idea that would make accusatoryinstrument.com better. Who do I tell about it?

A: We would like to hear comments and suggestions regarding our software, please click here to submit your comments and/or suggestions.

Q: What if my department and/or the District Attorney's Office in my county do not use the same format as accusatoryinstrument.com?

A: Most formats used by law enforcement capture the same information as accusatoryinstrument.com. iSafe Technologies can create custom formats to accomplish the printed format you are looking for. This may require additional software development fees.

Q: I work for a sheriff's department that has many towns and villages. Why is the wrong jurisdiction and court showing up on my form?

A: The first step in filling out the form is selecting the jurisdiction of the offense and the court the case is going to. Failure to choose the proper jurisdiction and court in the drop down list will cause this.

Q: Why do I need to enter the gender of my civilian deponent?

A: This was added to the system to save time for the user. The system will create a paragraph that states, "That the source of deponent's information and the grounds of his/her belief..." Setting the gender for the deponent saves the step of choosing "his" or "her" later in the process.

Q: I forgot to put the defendant's date of birth on the form. Why didn't the system let me know I forgot it?

A: Most fields on the form are mandatory, but there are some cases where certain information is not available to you and you need to complete the accusatory. The following fields are not mandatory: Defendant's middle initial, date of birth and case number.

Q: Why did the city name and state repeat itself on the printed form for the location of offense?

A: The system is defaulted to your state, county and sometimes your city, town or village. When you enter a location in the Offense Location field, you only need the street number and street name. The system will fill in the rest. For users with multiple jurisdictions like a county sheriff's department or town police department, the user must select the proper jurisdiction when they start filling out the form.

Q: When do I use "date range" when filling out my accusatory?

A: You have a choice to use a specific date/time or "date range" when filling out your accusatory. Most crimes are committed on a specific date and time, which is when you would use the date/time feature. If a crime is ongoing or committed over a period of time, you may choose the "date range" feature, which will allow you to enter a starting and ending date for the crime. You must choose one or the other.

Q: What is "Date of this form"?

A: "Date of this form" is a date field which the system uses to create the date at the bottom of the page, where the deponent signs. This field is defaulted to the current date, but can be changed.

Q: There are three check boxes under "Source of Information is Based Upon". How many do I have to select?

A: The system requires that at least one box is checked, however you may choose both if needed. If an affidavit is being used as your source of information, you must enter the person's name giving the affidavit as well as the date it was signed. The date is defaulted to the current date to save time, but may be changed if needed.

Q: What is the drop down box that says, "by intentionally"?

A: The form requires that the defendant's culpable mental state be defined. The drop down contains the following: by intentionally, by knowingly, by recklessly, by unlawfully and with criminal negligence.


A: If you are seeking a summons or warrant from the court, this box needs to be checked.

Q: I clicked finalize when I was done, what happens now?

A: Finalizing saves the accusatory. You can then print your document directly to your default printer or come back at a later time to view, modify, duplicate or delete. Note: The accusatory will be saved for 7 days.

Q: How do I find a saved accusatory?

A: When you login, click the History link in the upper, right corner of the screen. You have the option to view, modify, duplicate or delete the accusatory. Note: Once a form has been deleted, there is no way to recover it.