The completion of an accusatory instrument is a fundamental step in the successful prosecution of any criminal case. iSafe Technologies, Inc. has responded to law enforcement's need to streamline and improve accuracy of critical paperwork in the form of

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System Info Update - 11/04/17

The "To Wit" section of the AI form is throwing an error. It has been found that a special character, (') apostrophe, is not allowed at this time for that field.

If you receive an "ERROR" message. Please hit back button or return to previous page and remove apostrophe to continue.

Our focus is system security and integrity of the database and we will have a function to fix this issue. We will advise when this has been fixed.

Thank you.

--- --- --- ---
System Info Update - 11/03/17

We have received an issue that the form being submitted is not storing the "To Wit" information.

We are testing this issue with numerous Operating Systems and Web Browsers including SmartPhones and tablets.

If any user is encounter this issue, please let us know via the contact form found at contact form.

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System Info Update - 11/02/17

We are rolling out a fresh install of the software this evening.

The software has been bench-tested and the database has been session tested for load.

The system appears to be stable and functioning normal. We are not having much traffic at this time, but anticipate as more users on the system we will be able to monitor performance.

If you find errors or if the systems degrades in performance, please advise by sending emails via our contact form.

Again, we will be advising the status as we progress, and again, thank you for being patient.

Please be advised: Most of the mass emails we have been sending out to our licensed users have either been blocked, rejected or flagged as Spam. If you did not receive and email status notification, we are sorry for the miscommunication. Please pass this information on to your agency so everyone can be informed. Thank you.



Some key features:

  • DA Approved
  • "Searchable" NYS Penal Law
  • Uniform Accusatories Agency-Wide
  • Reduced Officer Time
  • Eliminate Errors